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Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors

The grout in your ceramic-tile floor is gross, isn't it? I remember clearly how black the grout was in the white tile floor we had in our kitchen. I used to try to get the grout clean with a scrub brush, but it never really came clean. I know hundreds of thousands of people suffer like I did, and that you're frustrated as can be.

You have several choices when cleaning a ceramic tile floor. You can try a mop, a scrub brush and even a steam cleaner. These tools just don't do a good job because of the medium - the grout - that you're trying to clean. Many people are unaware that a majority of floor tile is grouted with sanded grout that's nearly identical to brick mortar in composition. Mortar and grout are very porous and absorb liquids much like a paper towel. The water soaks in slower, but it will soak in.

This means that dirt and liquid stains like coffee, tea, grape juice and small dirt particles can be transported deep into the grout well beyond the reach of your scrub brush, mop or steam cleaner. It's no wonder you have a tough time cleaning grout!

To clean ceramic tile floors, you must have a liquid cleaner that penetrates into the grout and breaks apart the dirt and stain molecules. That's what oxygen bleach does, and Stain Solver is, perhaps, the most concentrated and most powerful oxygen bleach you can buy online.

Cleaning ceramic tile flooring is as easy as mixing the Stain Solver powder with hot or very warm water. You add one-half cup (4 oz.) of Stain Solver powder to the hot water. Stir with a spoon until the powder is completely dissolved. This can take two minutes. It's very important that you dissolve all the powder.

Pour the solution onto the tile floor as if you spilled a glass of water. Only pour it on four or six tiles to begin so you see how it works. You want an abundant amount of solution sitting on top of the grout joint. Watch it to see if it soaks into the grout. If it does, add more solution. Wait about 10-15 minutes. At the end of the wait period, take a stiff scrub brush and scrub the grout joints. Make sure you have plenty of solution on the floor to make scrubbing easy. The longer you allow the Stain Solver solution to soak, even up to an hour making sure there is always solution on the grout, the LESS you have to scrub.

The grout will look like new if you follow these steps. To keep the tile grout looking clean all the time, just add Stain Solver to the mop water you use to clean the floor on a weekly basis. You should never have to scrub the floor again.